Revenue Audits

At John McCarrick & Associates, our audit team provides clients with a professional and accesible service. We have over 35 years experience to assist you and your business through the challenging revenue audit process and the many developments facing modern business.

Our strong relationship with clients is central to the audit process. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and to provide them with focused advice to deal with the Revenue Audit in practice as well as advising on all aspects of their statutory obligations.

We can meet with you before the audit to prepare for your meeting with the revenue auditor and discuss areas which are likely to be focused on. Furthermore, we can accompany you to meetings with the auditor and provide consultation throughout the course of the audit.

We offer an individually tailored service to each client. We are proud of the favourable results and settlements we achieve for our clients during the revenue audit process.

At John McCarrick & Associates, you’ll get:
• Guided through the Revenue Audit Code of Practice
• Assistance in reviewing your Accounting and Taxation records
• Help with preparing a qualifying disclosure
• Support in the audit settlement, ensuring the highest degree of voluntary compliance and settlement for the taxpayer.
• Complaince: Less stress, free of financial worries

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