Companies Office Compliance

John McCarrick & Associates ensure that our clients are compliant with the Companies Registration Office in an accessible and professional manner. We assist with the completion and return of an annual return to the CRO each year.

An annual return (Form B1) is required to be delivered by an Irish company, whether trading or not, to the CRO at least once in every calendar year. John McCarrick & Associates have over 35 years experience in doing so.

Companies Registration Office Compliance

Introduction – The Function of the Companies Registration Office
The Companies Registration Office is the Appropriate Body responsible for the Incorporation of New Companies & the Registration of New Business Names in the Republic of Ireland.
It is a legal requirement that every company whether trading or not is obliged to file an Annual Return form (B1) & Financial Accounts every calendar year following the conclusion of the Financial Statements.
The date to which the return must be submitted is determined by the Company’s Annual Return Date which is normally 9 months following the Financial Statement Year End.

Audit Exemption
In order for a company to avail of Audit Exemption in respect to their Financial Statements, the following criteria must be satisfied:
• Balance sheet total does not exceed €4.4m
• Turnover does not exceed €8.8m
• Number of employees does not exceed 50

Retaining Audit Exemption
However, should a company not submit their Financial Statements within the appropriate Annual Return Date Timeline, their entitlement to Audit Exemption shall be lost & additional filing fees shall apply to their Annual Return & Modified Financial Statement Submission.

What a Company Director must do:
• Complete Annual Financial Statements for your Company.
• The Companies Registration Form B1 & Annual Financial Accounts must be filed within 9 months of your Company Year End (Check your Annual Return (ARD) Date)
• Must Satisfy the Audit Exemption Requirements

What you’ll get @ John Mc Carrick & Associates
• A Clearing Understating of Companies Registration Office Requirements
• A Compliant Company
• Reduced Unnecessary Costs & less Stress, free of financial worries
• Retaining Audit Exemption

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