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At John McCarrick & Associates, we offer personalised and affordable taxation services. Our experienced team of tax accountants provide a range of services including the completion of personal tax returns, income tax returns, corporation tax returns and capital gains tax returns.

We bring our clients comfortably through the complexities of the Irish taxation system, while also protecting them, their businesses and their personal assets.
We have over 35 years of experience in the taxation profession and are well equipped with the skills to guide our clients through preparing VAT returns, employers PAYE/PRSI returns, relevant contract returns and contract gains tax returns.

We offer an individually tailored service to each business or individual. Our team is distinguished for the quality of their specialist services. We pride ourselves on achieving favourable results and settlements for our clients when dealing with revenue audits and investigations.

We listen to the individual needs of the client and employ our wealth of knowledge and market experience to present you with a first class service.

At John McCarrick & Associates you’ll get filed, agreed and approved returns including:
• Personalised tax returns
• Corporate tax returns
• Personal tax planning
• Help preparing relevant tax forms and tax returns
• An expert opinion on the practical application of Irish tax rules
• Apply for revenue tax clearance certificates
• Compliance: Less stress, free of financial worriers

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