10 Aug 2015

John McCarrick Actively Supporting Schools In Kenya

John McCarrick Actively Supporting Schools In Kenya Corporate Responsibility

At John McCarrick & Associates, just as we are committed to providing service excellence to our clients, we are equally dedicated to inspiring excellence and success in the wider community, especially to those less fortunate in Ireland and further afield.

The Kenyan Child Foundation
Founded by John McCarrick in July 2014, The Kenyan Child Foundation is an initiative established to offer primary school education to the children of Kaweese, Kenya. Located 120km south of Nairobi, the town completely lacks basic education facilities: this resulted in a rife school absenteeism, given that the nearest school is over 20km away. Before The Kenyan Child Foundation’s partnership with the region, children as young as four left home at 3:30am to arrive on time at the closest primary school.
Following an extensive fundraising campaign, backed by the staff of John McCarrick & Associates, St Patrick’s Primary school was opened in February 2015.  This institution has since become the local focal point for the people of Kaweese, providing elementary-style education to over one hundred children aged between three and twelve.
In July 2015, John McCarrick lead a team of over twenty volunteers to Kenya to officially open St. Patrick’s School and visit the people of region. The delegation engaged in teaching, and community building projects over a two week period.

John McCarrick & Associates remains commited to the Kenyan Child Foundation and the people of Kaweese. In the future, the practice will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Foundation to further enhance education, health and business facilities in Kaweese and surrounding regions.


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