How to be more successful in Business

This entry was posted on 29 June, 2015.

It is evident that business acumen is developed through trial and error, and constant practice in your field, it cannot be denied that there are a number of hallmarks common to every successful company, business or corporation. Indeed quite frankly, unless you have the ... READ MORE

The Economics of Employment

This entry was posted on 16 April, 2014.

In this unfortunate era of economic depravity and disaster, there appears to be only one escape for today’s hopeful (or indeed, hopeless) youth; Education. From birth Parents are preoccupied by their child’s progress against other children: from the ... READ MORE

A Solution To Mortgage Arrears

This entry was posted on 29 August, 2013.

The decision imposed upon Ryanair this week regarding its 29.8% stake comes as a welcome note in the airline industry, and indeed a ruling that many would view as a step towards favouring the smaller party in business. Evidences of similar resolutions have been few and ... READ MORE

Household Charges: To Pay or not to Pay?

This entry was posted on 22 July, 2012.

The recent fundraising measures undertaken by the government are taxing (in both senses of the word) to those already feeling the pinch from the fine gael-labour coalition. The Irish taxpayer is now exposed to some of the highest rates in Europe, yet the citizens of ... READ MORE

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